We Grow Your Knowledge
We Grow Your Knowledge

eLearning Development and Publishing

The electronic learning (eLearning) courses we develop allow students to work on their own without the guidance of a trainer. This Computer-Based Training (CBT) includes informational presentations, software demonstrations, and interactive software simulations.

Most of our CBT is Web-based and designed to be hosted through a Learning Management System (LMS). Where Web access is a challenge, courseware can also be provided on CDs or USB drives. Where the complexity of the material calls for the guidance of a trainer, we can adapt our courses for facilitation through a remote conferencing application (e.g., Skype, Adobe Connect).

Our Learning Management System (LMS)

We publish some non-proprietary eLearning courses in the eLearning emporium hosted on the Thinkific LMS platforms. To get an idea of what we deliver, review our free courses and check out the video How We Build Your eLearning.

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