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Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR)

Forrester Research interviewed 14 vendor and user companies -- including IBM, SAP, and Sun Microsystems -- to compile its report Getting Real Work Done In Virtual Worlds. The firm concluded that, eventually, the 3D Internet will be as important for work as the Web. The report further admonishes business professionals to experiment with virtual worlds to replicate workspaces, allow people to share 3D objects, and make remote training more realistic. However, the report also notes "You've practically got to be a gamer to use most of these tools."


Since 2006, we have been working and playing in the best known VR environment, Second Life® (SL™), and we disagree. Hence our course:


Working a Second Life


Understand the critical aspects of using the 3D virtual world of Second Life for business and institutional purposes. Learn how to navigate, communicate, collaborate, build, sell, manage, and optimize your in-world experience. Developed over the course of one year, this program provides meaningful knowledge that drastically reduces the learning curve for busy professionals. This is not a class in theory. This is practical knowledge for quickly getting the most from the SL experience.


This course is comprised the following lessons presented in a single day:

Lesson 1: Beyond Orientation Island
From this module, you gain a high-level but comprehensive understanding of SL’s purpose and capabilities. You also learn the key concepts needed to interact with the virtual world beyond what is demonstrated during orientation.

Lesson 2: The Viewer: Your Window on the Grid
From this module, you gain frustration-saving expertise in configuring the SL browser’s preferences and interface controls. You also learn to optimize the browser’s settings for your specific needs and use advanced browser features to troubleshoot performance issues.

Lesson 3: Optimizing Your Avatar
From this module, you learn to optimize the look and functionality of standard human avatars, which is vital step for successful in-world interaction. You also learn about non-standard avatars and their usefulness in simulations and role play. Finally, you learn to avoid various avatar faux pas.

Lesson 4: Managing Your Image
From this module, you learn to create an avatar presence that others wish to interact with. You learn to publicize yourself favorably through profiles, group affiliations, and favorite locations. Further, you learn to maintain your privacy, use proper in-world etiquette, deal with conflict, and manage alternate accounts for specific applications.

Lesson 5: Collaborating With Others
From this module, you learn to communicate effectively using text chat, voice chat, gestures, and translators. You also learn to find like-minded avatars and collaborate with them in groups.

To participate you must have established 
an account in Second Life and have worked your avatar through orientation island. Our Quick Start Guide will help you with that. Once you complete the orientation, you can teleport directly to our auditorium at:


System Requirements
In addition to the 
SL system requirements defined by Linden Lab®, learners must also have:


  • A valid email address.

  • A high-speed Internet connection (Cable or DSL).

  • A sound card and microphone capable of supporting VOIP for discussions.

Class Times

  • Next date is TBD while we update the course.
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